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Customer - Blue Giant Logo

Loading Dock and Material Handling

Using CADLink has saved time by allowing us to make changes to our part data without needing to go through multiple programs…

Customer - K-Tec Earthmovers Logo

Earthmoving Equipment

The quality of our data is much more reliable since we can depend on the information in Inventor making its way to Visual without a problem.

Customer - Labconco Logo

Laboratory Equipment Manufacturing

CADLink made my job much easier, which reduced entry errors, as well as stress on a personal level.

Customer - Craig Manufacturing Logo

Heavy Construction Equipment

Our relationship with QBuild has been a rewarding one, their team is skilled and very professional. They are always willing to listen to any wild ideas we may come up with and will do everything they can to make it happen in a timely manner.

QBuild Software Testimonial - Mathews Company - CAD ERP Integration

Agriculture Equipment

I have never worked with a more flexible and responsive software organization than QBuild. Top notch people that have built a great product.

Robotics Systems Integration

I have nothing but praise about my interaction with CADLink. Of all my dealings with software developers in the past, they are one of, if not the best companies that I have dealt with.

Customer - Litania Sports Group Logo

Sports Equipment

QBuild/CADLink have been a vital partner for us both in making our ERP and Engineering systems work together and in customizing and programming specific solutions to support our unique configuration and manufacturing processes.

Customer - Cendek Railings

Aluminum Railing

Without CADLink our engineering team would be completely inundated with error prone data entry causing unacceptable project deadlines.

Customer - Fasse Valves Logo

Agricultural Equipment

The CADLink team did a great job getting us trained and ready to go. They responded quickly to completing software customizations needed for our operation.

Customer - Trillium Engineering Logo


CADLink has proven to be a game changer, successfully streamlining BOM Entry and part creation processes.

Customer - williams form engineering corp logo

Industrial Machinery

Thank you to QBuild for saving our Drafting Department countless hours of laborious tasks …………………………………………………………………..

Customer - CIT Logo

Packaging and Containers

With the CADlink and MBoM software, we have improved productivity, reduced errors, and streamlined the release of BOM’s and methods to our production team.

Customer - Wisconsin Oven Logo

Industrial Ovens

Partnering with QBuild to help get us through the CADLink integration was extremely beneficial …………………………………………………………..

Advanced RF Cables and Connectors

Thank you to the CADLink team for the efficiency and professionalism. The possible customization provided by the CADLink Team works perfectly.

Customer - Anchor Bay Packaging Logo

Automotive Packaging

QBuild has been essential in designing effective solutions that sync our CAD & ERP product Bill of Materials ……………………

Customer - Optipro Logo

precision optical fabrication

The CADLink integration has been one of the highlights of switching to Epicor in 2020.

Customer - SHINE Technologies

Fusion Neutron Generators

CADLink is definitely an indispensable tool for our business. Without CADLink, these changes would need to be tracked and implemented manually, taking significant engineering time with many opportunities for mistakes.

Automated Case Packing

QBuild’s integration with our ERP via CADLink was seamless. They were helpful and responsive to any needs during our transition.

Customer - Formaspace Logo

Custom Lab Workbenches

We discovered that CADLink is the perfect tool to enable the seamless transfer of any BOM directly from CAD software into our ERP system.

Customer - NuWave Research Inc Logo

Microwave-Assisted Processing

CADLink is an amazing software with a user-friendly interface. It seamlessly transfers our multilayered BOMs from EPDM to NAV Business Central.

Customer - Aztech Controls Logo

Contract Design and Manufacturing

CADLink is an amazingly intuitive and easy to use interface seamlessly connects your CAD and ERP systems. ..

Customer - ProMach Logo

Machinery Manufacturing

My experiences with QBuild have been very good. QBuild is willing to listen and take advice from their customers to make CADLink better.

Customer - Prairie Machine Logo

Auxiliary Mining Equipment

I always enjoy working with the QBuild team. With their very clear implementation plans and dedicated people, t

Customer - Ellicott Dredges

Dredging Equipment Manufacturing

CADLink is a great tool for importing items and BOMs from SolidWorks into the ERP. It is a HUGE upgrade over the ridiculously time-consuming manual data entry processes.

Customer - Carbide Probes Logo

Probe Gauge Tips and Styli Manufacturing

Using CADLink has saved time by allowing us to make changes to our part data without needing to go through multiple programs…

McCoy Global CADLink

Oil Drilling Machinery

QBuild took the time to understand the way we work and were able to provide us the right data transfer solution.

granco clark logo

Aluminum Extrusion Equipment Manufacturing

We chose CADLink because we saw in it the capability of adapting to our business processes plus the fact that it allows to handle BOM data and operations in one simple interface.

Library Workflow Automation

The implementation of CADLink eliminated a variety of tedious processes through automation.

BOP Electrical Equipment

I highly recommend CADLink to anyone looking to streamline their ERP processes. With its automation capabilities, it has reduced errors and increased efficiency in our item and BOM creation.

Fire Feature Manufacturer

CADLink has been one of the most successful components of our new ERP launch thanks to the QBuild team. It has provided a new and essential connection between our Design and Engineering teams and the rest of the company that we never had before.

Customer - Motion Solutions Logo

Industrial Motion Control Systems

CADLink, by QBuild, has become a tremendous asset to our engineering and operations organizations. It saves us so much time and resources in releasing parts from our PLM system to our ERP system.

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