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CADLink Testimonial High Five Success
Tony Hu - ERP System Administrator

My experiences with QBuild have been very good. QBuild is willing to listen and take advice from their customers to make CADLink better. Over the years, QBuild has made CADLink more standard and configurable, greatly reducing implementation time.

Genesis Systems - Terry D
Terry D.

I have nothing but praise about my interaction with CADLink. Of all my dealings with software developers in the past, they are one of, if not the best companies that I have dealt with. Their knowledge of the software along with their promptness in coming up with solutions was second to none.

I have nothing but praise about my interaction with CADLink. Of all my dealings with software developers in the past, they are one of, if not the best companies that I have dealt with. Their knowledge of the software along with their promptness in coming up with solutions was second to none.

I have nothing but praise about my interaction with CADLink. Of all my dealings with software developers in the past, they are one of, if not the best companies that I have dealt with. Their knowledge of the software along with their promptness in coming up with solutions was second to none.

Granco Clark - Jeff Ryan
granco clark logo
Jeff Ryan - IT Manager

We chose CADLink because we saw in it the capability of adapting to our business processes plus the fact that it allows to handle bill of material data and operations in one simple interface. Now, I don’t need to worry about data consistency between my systems anymore.

Having all the materials available in the shop floor allow us to increase the operations speed allowing us to reduce our products delivery times which translate into happy customers.

Fallas Automation - Daniel Maeyaert
Daniel Maeyaert - Senior Project Engineer

QBuild's integration with our ERP via CADLink was seamless. They were helpful and responsive to any needs during our transition. CADLink has drastically improved the link from engineering to purchasing in our facility.

Genesis Systems - Katie Beirne
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Katie Beirne

CADLink has been a great company to work with. Whether it involved working with their developer, account manager, and even their President, we've had beneficial, collaborative discussions that provide value in our work processes.

They have teamed up with us to enhance the standard product by listening to our feedback as well as customizing the product to meet our internal needs specifically. They've helped us automate information flow that benefits our designers as well as other downstream stakeholders. In turn, their support is allowing us to be more efficient and accurate with the designs we release to our ERP system.

Mathews Company - Jeremy Kemp
QBuild Software Testimonial - Mathews Company - CAD ERP Integration
Jeremy Kemp - Information Systems Manager

I have never worked with a more flexible and responsive software organization than QBuild. Top notch people that have built a great product.

McCoy Global - John Snyder
McCoy Global CADLink
John Snyder

QBuild took the time to understand the way we work and were able to provide you the right data transfer solution.

Our CADLink now sets Epicor values by default for all parts, populates Epicor user-defined fields, stores PDF file path storage in Epicor, and sets constrained material selection by default while saving new parts.

Carbide Probes - Jake Shellabarger
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Jake Shellabarger

Using CADLink has saved time by allowing us to make changes to our part data without needing to go through multiple programs, as well as informing us of any inconsistencies that may have otherwise been time-consuming to locate and correct.

Phoenix LLC - Scott Shropshire
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Scott Shropshire

At Phoenix LLC, QBuild’s CADLink is at the center of our bill of materials management. Because we design & build many prototypes with long lead time parts on aggressive schedules, we source materials in parallel with design activities. This coupled with our typical bill being over 3000 line items makes the automated bill syncing that CADLink does essential.

Aztech Controls - Jason Zelek
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Jason Zelek - Manufacturing Engineer Manager

CADLink from QBuild is an amazingly intuitive and easy to use interface seamlessly connects your CAD and EPR systems.

The ability to upload large assembly model metadata including new part numbers and Part Master data within seconds is incredible. With added customization, possibilities to manipulate ERP field data automatically through created Field Mappings allows any number of values tied to part data to be instantly uploaded.

Anyone with knowledge of these process will come to truly appreciate the power and ease of an application that stands above the rest.

Formaspace - Matt Latour
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Matt Latour - IDE Team Lead

We discovered that CADLink is the perfect tool to enable the seamless transfer of any BOM directly from CAD software into our ERP system. Working with CADLink has been a real pleasure.

It eliminates the error‐prone manual transposition of important design data. The user interface is very intuitive, and the potential for customization seems limitless.

But I am most impressed with the customer service at QBuild. The CADLink integration team has been very responsive to our every need, offering initial integration support, orientation sessions, and continued assistance to help my team become proficient with the tool.

Swati Persaud - NuWave Research Inc
NuWave Research Inc
Swati Persaud

CADLink is an amazing software with user friendly interface. It seamlessly transfers our multilayered BOMs from EPDM to Nav Business Central. It manages revision changes very well. Additionally, It streamlined our planning, purchasing and manufacturing processes. The team at QBuild provided custom solutions to many requests at the implementation phase with numerous live sessions. We have CADLINK for over 6 months now, with no problems and excellent customer support. Keep up the good work!

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CAD/PDM/PLM ←→ ERP Integration with QBuild

CADLink bidirectional CAD ERP

Real-Time, Bidirectional Link To Pull & Push BOM Data Between CAD And ERP.

Increase productivity, Bill of Material data accuracy and cost savings. With the real-time, two-way link between engineering design and your ERP, production benefits from drawing information identical to work order documentation.

Add An Engineering Change Order Manager To Your CAD ERP BOM Link Interface.

The more closely integrated your CAD ERP systems are, the greater your productivity! ECN Manager requires engineering staff to be closely connected with production. Open order and inventory balance information is provided to engineering during changes to parts, requiring disposition recommendations to be made such as: Scrap/Rework/Use As Is…

ecn manager workflow

ConfigLink How it Works


Find ERP Work Order or Job, retrieve Job details and automatically rebuild your model from your CAD system. Your Sales team wants to show customer what the order would look like? No problem! No more tedious CAD work. Save your Engineers’ precious time and give your Sales team the edge they need.

Bridge Between Your CAD and Your PLM Systems With CAD Connector.

CAD Connector allows the user to automatically create, update, and modify the Bill of Materials (BOM) and document files within your PLM system. CAD Connector will show up as an add-in on the menu of your CAD interface, to simplify and streamline the process of transferring engineering data between CAD and PLM.

CAD PLM Connector

partsurfer engineering search tool


PartSurfer CAD ERP Link will show engineering ERP data such as vendor part number and allow advanced, compound searches including multilevel BOMs. PartSurfer completes the CAD ERP Link with view drawing capability by integrating with an existing drawing viewing program.


The Engineering Timesheet is a key tool in any Engineering manager’s toolchest. It simplifies, stores and rationalizes engineering work data, enabling project leaders, accounting and the Engineering manager to understand the engineering costing and key metrics of their department.

TimeSheet Interface - ERP Integrated Engineering Time Sheets QBuild Software CAD ERP Integration


At QBuild Software, our goal is to help you manage and run your business to its optimum potential. Our products are designed to maximize your Engineers’ efficiency by minimizing work redundancy.

QBuild provides a broad range of customizable solutions while fitting everyone’s specific needs. Every one of our solutions will pay back its investment in six months or less. Contact us and find out how we can fit your needs today.

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What QBuild does for you

QBuild Software develops applications that integrate your CAD software with your ERP system. We take the time to understand the way you work and deliver a solution that solves your unique problems.

Whether you need to send Bill of Materials data from your model to your ERP, generate CAD images from the ERP configurator, or connect your Engineers to production, QBuild has developed a solution to make your Engineers work better.

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Platform Specific Tools

We have developed applications to enhance your interaction between CAD software, PLM systems & ERP systems. We aspire to meet your needs as they are by continually developing new integrations and customizing unique functionalities so we can be your best solution.

We stay ahead of the competition by partnering with many of the companies we work with, having in-depth knowledge and early access to their latest software.

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