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CAD Connector is QBuild’s latest application connecting your CAD software to your PLM system. Efficiently create CAD documents and eliminate multiple data entries in your PLM.

CAD Connector serves as a bridge between your CAD software and your PLM.

It allows the user to automatically create, update, and modify Bill of Materials and Document files within your PLM system.
CAD Connector is an add-in to your CAD interface, and will simplify, and streamline the process of transferring engineering data to your PLM. Add PLM parts to an active assembly in your CAD software, or transfer BOM structures and create CAD documents from your CAD software into your PLM.

Features include

  • Edit descriptions and Document/Part numbers from the save window
  • View other relevant part data such as Part Generation, Part Type, etc.
  • Checkboxes to select which hierarchies are saved
  • CAD Connector can use Auto-numbering in PLM if it is set up
  • Thumbnails are also carried into the PLM
Key Features
  • Real time, two way link between your CAD software and PLM system
  • BOM and Part data pulled directly from within your CAD model
  • Comparison between CAD and PLM data, with full feedback of results
  • Complete Where Used functionality
  • Detailed Shop orders, Purchase Orders and Inventory for disposition decisions
  • Can be integrated with any CAD system


Eliminate Engineering PLM Clerical Work

  • With CAD Connector, your engineering team can focus on what they do best: Engineering. Double and triple data entries are eliminated and engineering information is input into your CAD software and PLM system in one simplified interface. Create new items in the item master simply by having CAD Connector pull the data from the CAD model, and push it to the PLM.
  • Free up engineering staff to do more engineering and reduce your engineering costs. The less time they spend inputting data across multiple platforms, the more time they can invest on projects and designs.

Reduce Data Entry Errors

When entering data into two separate databases, there is a large possibility of discrepancies due to typos or mistakes. These are common when Engineers are tasked to fill multiple fields for every assembly, subassembly and part by hand. By unifying the data entry process, CAD Connector eliminates sources of error in transferring data between your CAD model and PLM system. Have your Engineers get things right the first time, saving their time and your costs.

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