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ConfigLink is a powerful tool extending the capabilities of your ERP configurator to your CAD system.

Automate repetitive modelling processes and generate exports such as models, drawings and PDFs of your configured product, without using up valuable engineering time!

ConfigLink integrates your configurator to a CAD system, giving it the ability to automate the modelling process and generate models, drawings and CAM files. Taking data such as parameters and module selections from the configurator, ConfigLink connects to a CAD server where the modelling process is automated, and returns the requested files.

ConfigLink steps Sales Without With software

By using ConfigLink you are:

  • Saving your engineers’ time allowing them to stay focused on profit-adding activities
  • Enabling users without CAD knowledge with the ability to quote using actual part models
  • Producing highly technical & high quality models, graphics or CAM files
  • Providing customers using your web/exposed configurator access to real models and drawings at the click of a button
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