Top 4 Reasons to Integrate your CAD and ERP with CADLink

Manufacturers rely on both their ERP and their CAD program for important pieces of the production life cycle, like prototyping, inventory control, procurement and managing the BOM. For many manufacturers, the data that [...]

Easily Surf ERP: Find Critical Part Data On The Fly

PartSurfer lets you easily fetch critical part data without having to poke around multiple areas of your ERP system. Get BOM data quickly and painlessly!

SOLIDWORKS Freebie: Property Editor Tool

The Property Editor tool allows SOLIDWORKS users to easily add and/or edit any part CAD properties right from the top level assembly!

Making Manufacturing Easier with CADLink

The world of manufacturing continues to evolve rapidly with increasingly complex products, higher customer expectations and a slew of regulatory requirements.

Keeping the Bill of Materials Under Control

The Bill of Materials, or the BOM, is essentially an engineer’s shopping list for creating a product. The BOM contains part numbers, quantities, part names, and procurement details. These are all critical pieces of [...]

The Engineer-to-Order World: Integrating Inventor and SyteLine

Traditional ERP systems were developed for repetitive, make-to-stock manufacturers where there is a clear line between design and production. In the Engineer-to-Order (ETO) world, such a line doesn’t exist. Engineers no [...]

Improving Engineering Productivity Using Lean Principles

Unless an engineer is directly involved in the manufacturing of their products, they may only be slightly familiar with “lean” principles. At the heart of lean principles are these core concepts: To view work as a process, To [...]

What is the Need for Integrated CAD-ERP Software?

Manufacturing companies combine Engineering (CAD) and Production (ERP) to make products. However, industry giants like SOLIDWORKS (CAD) and Infor SyteLine (ERP) do not directly link with each other. For most of the engineers [...]