Synchronize nesting software sheet stock library

If your nesting tool has a sheet stock library, NestLink will keep the sheet stock library synchronized with your ERP. New sheets received in ERP are automatically created in the nesting tool. NestLink will update quantity on hand for sheets consumed by the nest.

Create nesting software part records

NestLink will create new parts based on the ERP job requirements and part information. If part geometry can be found, NestLink will also upload the geometry to the part record.

Create new nesting work orders

When a new job is scheduled and ready for production in ERP, NESTLink automatically checks the part method to find materials that need to be nested and creates new work orders in your nesting tool, matching the job requirements.

Update ERP Bill of Materials

After parts are nested and cut, NESTLink automatically updates the ERP Job BOM issuing the material, quantities and labor on the job and closing out nesting operations if required.

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