Reducing Engineering Search Time Significantly

The Engineering Part Surfer is a key tool in any engineering manager’s toolchest. It simplifies your ERP system making it engineering friendly.

QBuild Software has developed a unique part search application that will help you to find parts in your database and save engineering time.

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  • The single best interface for finding and reusing part
  • Where Used, Transaction History and PO history
  • Advanced search function includes Multilevel BOM searches as well as search by component part
  • Display Drawing button will show you the latest drawing for this part
  • Export to Excel Button saves all information to an Excel spreadsheet for use in presentations or e-mails

Integrated with your ERP package

As with all QBuild’s offerings the PartSurfer is designed to fit into your ERP system seamlessly. This ERP link allows your engineering team to quickly navigate up and down product structure.

Simple Easy to Use Interface

QBuild’s quick, intuitive interface means engineers and designers don’t spend hours going through multiple ERP screens designed for a multiplicity of different departments.

Advanced Search Functionality

Your engineering team can search your ERP database without tying up IT resources. PartSurfer allows you to search with wildcards and within a multi-level bill of material, allowing you to find parts and components almost impossible to locate using traditional ERP interfaces.

Export to Excel

All datagrids in the PartSurfer can be exported to Excel by clicking on the Excel icon in the toolbar.

PartSurfer Enterprise

QBuild Corporation has developed a PartSurfer Enterprise for companies who want to modify the layout of this unique part search application.


  • Multi-level BOM
  • Collapsible header for more visibility on tab grids
  • Ability to set the columns to display in grid and columns order, for each grid (tab)
  • Allows to save setting on local machine and are specific for each workstation
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