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Integrate and Sync your CAD Data with Epicor CADLink

CADLink allows engineers to create Epicor Part Master and BOM records identical to engineering CAD data with the click of a button. The direct integration reduces manual data entry and clerical errors. Production benefits from drawing information identical to work order documentation.

Increase the speed of data flow from sales to engineering, procurement, and manufacturing. Streamlining the entire product development process by integrating your CAD system and your Epicor ERP solution gives you the edge in the competitive market. This eliminates all the burdens you face from having disparate systems, allowing engineers to focus on the designs and innovation.

Keeping your Epicor engineering data accurate and synchronized with your engineering drawings and models is critical.

With CADLink, you will see significant improvements in production speed, on-time shipments, and accuracy of Epicor engineering data with reductions in engineering cost, scrapped parts, and shop floor confusions.

Epicor’s Only Certified
CAD Integration Partner

Direct CAD Integration

Real-time, direct, two-way link between your CAD and your Epicor ERP means no more exporting or importing of data files. Launch directly from the CAD suite of your choice.

Bi-Directional Data Push

Keep your CAD and Epicor ERP engineering data synchronized and up-to-date. Critical information like part quantity and material selection will be kept consistent throughout your CAD and Epicor ERP systems.

Live Data Comparison

Live comparison lets you visually review BOM changes before committing to save.
Create ERP Part and BOM records identical to your drawings in one click.

Epicor CADLink Interface

Color Coded Changes

Green rows represent new parts that will be created in your Part Master.

Yellow fields highlight data discrepancy between CAD and Epicor such as description or quantity.

Gray rows represent parts to be removed from your BOM.

Blue rows highlight items that are not in CAD but are needed in the Epicor BOM.

Optional Modules

Extended Field Mapping and Custom Logic Module

The Extended Field Mapping Module (EFMM) is an optional module available to our Epicor CADLink customers. The EFMM includes the ability to create addtional mappings to standard and user defined fields found within the “Part” or the “PartMtl” tables, as well as the “JobMtl” and “QuoteMtl” tables if the customer has purchased the CADLink Job BOM or Quote BOM modules. Users can also use this module to add custom logic to modify part, material and operation information.

Auto Part Numbering Module

CADLink Auto Part Numbering module enables you to automatically assign new part numbers to new parts that do not have an existing record in Epicor. The module allows you to set a template formula from which CADLink will pull from and generate new part numbers upon saving into Epicor. 

Job BOM Module

CADLink Job BOM creates and updates Epicor Job BOM directly from your CAD files. It compares the CAD BOM to a specific Job BOM inside Epicor.

Quote BOM Module

CADLink Quote BOM creates and updates Epicor ERP Quote BOM directly from your CAD files. It compares CAD BOM to a specific Quote BOM in Epicor.

Epicor CADLink Features

Powerful Visual Interface

Powerful Visual Interface

Engineers are visual people. That is why Epicor CADLink offers a highly visual and intuitive interface to display BOM changes and data discrepancies.

Discrepancy and Error Notification

Discrepancy and Error Notification

Resolve discrepancies in the CADLink interface and automatically update both your CAD files and Epicor data. CADLink checks for critical errors and notifies the user before saving.

Eliminate Duplicate Entries

Eliminate Duplicate Entries

Epicor CADLink’s single-step process eliminates duplicate manual data entries of engineering data in your Epicor ERP.

1 Click Summary Reports

1 Click Summary Reports

Generating an Excel BOM export and a change summary PDF report for your records is easier than ever! One click is all you need to meet your documentation requirements.

Quick and Easy Routing Interface

Quick and Easy Routings

CADLink offers a simple interface for creating and assigning routings and operations on your BOM.

Extensive Searches

Extensive Searches

Perform a live search in your Epicor Part Master and insert raw materials and non CAD modeled items to your  bill of materials. Create a complete BOM for your shop floor; not just what your engineers modeled.

Small Footprint

Small Footprint

CADLink offers an easy installation and a small footprint with minimum client machine hardware and software requirement. CADLink requires no additional database or server components.

Video Testimonial


Since we implemented CADLink, it’s greatly improved our workflow in terms of time. We’re able to manage our bills of material a lot better. We’re able to identify errors using the color code scheme provided in the interface.

          Edward Araujo, Sr. Electro-Mechanical Designer

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