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Kubotek USA works to help its users “master their geometry.”

That’s because Kubotek is leading the direct CAD modeling revolution by providing CAD technology to easily create, edit or manage changes to model data, regardless of who or what created it. They develops core technologies that can recognize, and even infer, geometric attributes in CAD data to facilitate interoperability in what might otherwise be unusable CAD data. They develop software that can work with geometry, no matter where it originated, for use throughout the manufacturing supply chain in order to speed time to market, reduce costs and improve quality. Kubotek USA products include:  KeyCreator Direct CAD software, KeyCreator Analysis FEA software, Kubotek Validation Tool and Kubotek ECO Manager software for precise model validation and/or design comparison, KeyMarkUp Multi-CAD mark up and viewing tool, KeyCreator Machinist NC software, Kubotek Spectrum CAD viewer and KCM Geometric Modeler.

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