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Directly connected to your Exact ERP, CADLink takes CAD data directly from the on screen drawing or CAD model and pushes it directly to your BOM.

Exact ERP – Solution Partner

Exact for Manufacturing is a cloud manufacturing solution developed for small and medium job shops and repetitive manufacturers. It has built-in financials, CRM, sales, purchase and inventory management capabilities.

  • Quote-to- delivery process supporting part quoting without the need to create new items.
  • Demand-to- stock process supporting shop order creation from inventory policies or MRP.
  • Multi-layered BOMs and automatic suborder generation to cater the needs of machine builders.
  • Shaped materials like sheets, bars and coils to support material calculations for machine shops.
  • Support for serial- and batch numbers and two-way traceability through the production process.
  • Shop orders with materials, routing, by-products and subcontracted work.
  • Job costing and comparison with calculation.
  • Data collection with Smart Shop Floor, the mobile app to turn your plant into a digital factory.
  • Wide range of applications in the App Center to support EDI, WMS, job scheduling, product configuration, web shops, etc.

Exact for Manufacturing is offered in a Standard, Advanced and Premium edition, always based on fixed monthly rates plus users.

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