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LillyWorks SaaS delivers web-based Manufacturing ERP from the cloud.

LillyWorks offers the latest in web-based Manufacturing ERP software technology designed specifically for small and mid-sized manufacturers. It is delivered in a SaaS model (Software as a Service) that provides manufacturers the benefit of:

  •  Reduced total cost of ownership (no costly in-house servers and bloated IT budgets)
  • Fast and secure access from anywhere in your business or on the web (highly encrypted and accessible from your laptop, tablet or phone)
  • The freedom of an annual commitment model (monthly payments and automatic product updates)

The LillyWorks cloud-based Manufacturing ERP solution will help you get up and running quickly, decrease your on-going costs and enable you to concentrate on the things you do best – running your business.

Introducing Protected Flow Manufacturing™.

Lillyworks’ revolutionary new approach protects due dates and maximizes flow by giving you a dynamic, clear task list that automatically adjusts to real-time changes and gives you reliable predictions of future dangers and suggested actions. With LillyWorks, you get the confidence of knowing that you’ll deliver on time, in less time, every time. It’s manufacturing ERP, reimagined™.

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