Stay in the Cloud: From Onshape to Your ERP in One Click!

Directly integrated into your Onshape platform, CADLink takes data from the on-screen part or assembly studio and integrates it with your ERP system.

Update your ERP part and BOM records while never leaving the cloud. CADLink’s bi-directional integration eliminates manual data entry while synchronizing your Onshape part properties and BOMs with your ERP.

Following the cloud/SaaS (software as a service) movement, engineers can now stay connected to their ERP platform wherever they are. Access CADLink from anywhere, even working from home, and never miss a production deadline again.

QBuild is proud and excited to be an OnShape Certified Partner promoted on the AppStore.

About Onshape:
Requiring no downloads, installations, or license codes. You can access Onshape’s cloud-based platform with any modern web browser from your Mac, PC, Chromebook or Linux computer.

With the rapid pace of technological innovation, it’s no surprise that speed-to-market usually wins. Onshape is the only product development platform that can be instantly

Partner Products can help you bring innovative, quality products to market more efficiently and cost-effectively. The Onshape Marketplace gives you direct access to products and services that enable you to maximize productivity, design innovative products, and achieve your product development goals. These Partner Products offer a range of tools and applications that will help you extend the power and utility of your Onshape solution.

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