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SHINE Technologies

Nuclear Technology Company Takes Advantage of CAD Integration to Meet Aggressive Schedules

In our business, we design large, custom capital equipment, often with thousands of unique parts and bills of materials in excess of 5000 lines long. These one-of-a-kind and first-of-a-kind assemblies need to be entered into NetSuite to quickly purchase the parts needed, track inventory, and perform work orders. To reduce timelines, we release subsystems as they are finished, then continue designing other subsystems. This causes many design changes over the course of a project, for which we use CADLink to report and implement. Without CADLink, these changes would need to be tracked and implemented manually, taking significant engineering time with many opportunities for mistakes. CADLink is definitely an indispensable tool for our business.

 Scott Shropshire, VP of New Product Development

Customer - SHINE Technologies

SHINE Technologies accelerates a practical, incremental four-phase pathway to clean, abundant fusion energy, starting with using fusion technology to solve today’s problems in medicine, manufacturing, energy, and beyond.


SHINE Technologies


Janesville, WI USA


Fusion Neutron Generators

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