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Aerospace Imaging Systems Manufacturer Streamlines BOM Entry and Reduces Data Error with CADLink

CADLink has proven to be a game changer, successfully streamlining BOM Entry and part creation processes and dramatically reducing the likelihood of any data errors. It is important to note that every company has unique processes that are molded by both their culture and product offerings. The QBuild team has displayed an exceptional level of responsiveness and adaptability in tailoring their software to meet our intricate workflows. In the year that we have been working with CADLink, we have achieved a nearly complete elimination of manual entry for two additional teams within the company through the implementation of additional logic. Without a doubt, this solution has been a substantial benefit to our company.

 William R. Garner, Mechanical Engineer

Trillium Engineering was founded in 2013 by three engineers experienced in UAS payload design and deployment. With a shared passion for innovation and an intuitive eye for design, they set out to create a company that would deliver high-quality vision systems for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

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