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Laboratory Equipment Manufacturer Reduces BOM Entry Time by 75%

The process prior to CADLink was extremely inefficient. The time spent on entering a BOM into our system was reduced by roughly 75 percent. CADLink made my job much easier, which reduced data entry errors, as well as stress on a personal level.

Jason Gerard, Database Coordinator

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Labconco has an extensive and thriving history since its humble beginnings in a garage in 1925.  Since then, they expanded from agricultural labs into other scientific markets as well, expanding their product lines and geographical reach. 




Kansas City, MO USA


Laboratory Equipment Manufacturing

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Labconco first purchased Infor LX ERP in the mid 2000’s. As the company kept growing, they found new challenges that required a more robust solution to meet the increasingly demanding needs in data management.

By 2020, Labconco realized that their current process for getting BOMs into Infor LX was no longer sustainable. They looked for a solution in order to maintain the high quality and competitive lead times that Labconco promises. As a result, Labconco turned to CADLink after being recommended by their contacts at Infor.

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