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Granco Clark

Aluminum Extrusion Equipment Manufacturer Taps Into CADLink’s Data Consistency Advantages

We chose CADLink because we saw in it the capability of adapting to our business processes, plus the fact that it allows us to handle bill of material data and operations in one simple interface. Now,
I don’t need to worry about data consistency between my systems anymore.
Having all the materials available in the shop floor allows us to increase the operations speed allowing us to reduce our product delivery times which translates into happy customers.

Jeff Ryan, IT Manager

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GRANCO CLARK, a global leader in the aluminum extrusion industry building a full range of aluminum extrusion equipment including some of the world’s largest aluminum extrusion systems. GRANCO CLARK produces all required equipment to heat, cool, pull, stretch, cut, stack, age, and store aluminum extrusions.


Granco Clark, Inc.


Belding, MI USA


Aluminum Extrusion Equipment

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Granco Clark is a well-established and highly regarded global leader in the aluminum extrusion industry. The company’s dedication to precision engineering, innovation, and customer satisfaction has solidified its position as a leading provider in the market.

In 2012, Granco Clark encountered significant challenges related to BOM data inconsistency within their SolidWorks and Epicor systems. This inconsistency caused disruptions and errors, resulting in delays due to inaccurate inventory. After careful consideration, Granco Clark decided to implement CADLink due to its remarkable ability to adapt to their specific business processes.

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