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Ellicott Dredges

Dredge Manufacturer Eliminates Time-Consuming Manual Entry Processes with CADLink

CADLink is a great tool for importing items and BOMs from SolidWorks into the ERP. It is a HUGE upgrade over the ridiculously time-consuming manual data entry processes. The support team has been great to work with. They’re extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and they make requested changes and customizations very quickly. To be completely honest, CADLink is about the only thing that has made our ERP transition somewhat bearable.

John Gillis, Mechanical Engineer

Customer - Ellicott Dredges

Ellicott® is the world’s oldest and largest builder of small and medium-sized cutter suction dredges. Ellicott Dredges engineers and manufactures innovative dredges and dredging equipment, which are being used for infrastructure projects worldwide.


Ellicott Dredges


Baltimore, MD USA


Dredging Equipment Manufacturing

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