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Budde Sheet Metal Works, Inc.

Metal Works and Construction Manufacturer Improves Engineering Processes and Removes Data Errors By Manual Data Entry

We recently changed CAD systems and needed a checks/balances system between our CAD/PDM systems BOM data and our ERP BOM data. After finding QBuild’s CADLink I was convinced this solution would accomplish what we needed to do, and it ended up doing a whole lot more.


CADLink pulls data from each system and gives us the ability to graphically compare both datasets. Having discrepancies color coded, QBuild lets us easily see what’s wrong and allows us to make the changes necessary (to both systems) with just a few clicks. The system even takes PDF drawings from our PDM system and makes them instantly available in ERP which used to be a time-consuming manual process. This ensures that the data ERP users are viewing is up to date with our CAD systems data. Overall, it saves us time and prevents us from making the mistakes inherent in data entry being published live to the shop floor.


The team at QBuild from Sales, to the Project Manager and Programmer have all been top notch professionals. I can’t recommend them enough.

Ryan Gudorf, CAD/CAM Supervisor, IT


Budde Sheet Metal Works, Inc. is a successful family-owned business that specializes in precision specialty metal work and industrial ventilation systems.

Their philosophy is to provide custom service, on-time delivery, quality craftsmanship and professional management, while offering competitive pricing in an ever-changing, competitive environment. Their main goal is to remain a premier fabricator while keeping our commitment to excellence, partnership with customers and  dedication to meeting the needs of our employees and shareholders.


Budde Sheet Metal Works, Inc.


Dayton, OH


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