Easily Surf ERP: Find Critical Part Data On The Fly

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How to Locate Even the Smallest of Components in Your ERP System

ERP systems are an integral part of business, especially in the engineering world. They take departments like accounting, HR, distribution, and procurement, to name a few, and combine them into a manageable framework. Where ERP systems like Infor SyteLine, Microsoft Dynamics Axapta, ECi M1 (and more) struggle, however, is focusing on minute details like parts. A system that’s designed to bring an entire company together is too broad to easily find a 1/4 inch washer. PartSurfer does just that and more.

Reduce Engineering search time efficiently, don’t get lost in your ERP system!

Every Section, Every Part

PartSurfer works seamlessly with one’s ERP software, allowing the user to quickly navigate up and down a product structure. This means that designers and engineers don’t have to waste productivity by sifting through a multitude of ERP screens designed for a variety of different departments; every section is searched simultaneously.

In addition to PartSurfer’s cross-functionality is its real asset: the advanced search options. This function includes both multi-level bill of materials searches, as well as the ability to locate by individual component, allowing one to find parts that would normally be impossible to detect using traditional ERP interfaces. Once a component has been located, PartSurfer then offers a host of headings, each pertaining to a specific section of information.

  • The “Where Used” function can tell the user exactly where a part has been utilized
  • Inventory” gives details on what’s in stock
  • Components” tab populates all BOM information
  • TNX History” catalogs all transaction details, including cost, quantity, and date

Even with these benefits, manufacturers must be able to justify the ROI of synchronizing their CAD and ERP. The majority of CADLink implementations can be done in less than a month with a typical ROI of less than 6 months. Engineers can be trained to use CADLink in less than an hour! CADLink comes equipped with the features engineers need the most, reducing the need for costly and time consuming customizations.

QBuild’s PartSurfer software is compatible with all of the popular ERP systems, including Epicor, Infor SyteLine, Visual, NetSuite, Aptean, Sage, MAX, Dynamics, Oracle and many more.

Set up a free demo to see QBuild’s PartSurfer in action!

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