Revolutionizing the Engineering Process

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Taymer International Inc has been leading the charge in measurement, quality inspection, and printing machines for the medical and industrial cabling industry for over 20 years. Dealing with a mix of make-to-order (MTO) and engineer-to-order (ETO), they rely heavily on accurate engineering data in their production system to ensure on-time delivery and customer satisfaction.

Entering New Stages

Taymer’s ongoing journey through continuous improvement led them to search for alternatives to their current data management system. Driven by broken file references and multitudes of headaches from their current system, Taymer’s solution to this problem was to switch over to Onshape. A Cloud CAD system with a built-in data management toolset and versioning control, not unlike Google Docs, allowed Taymer to eliminate their need for physical CAD files and to utilize the built-in real-time data management tools. Their data management headaches were over.

However, for Taymer to be able to switch to Onshape, they needed to ensure it would integrate with their existing production system. This is when QBuild stepped in with CADLink.

Revolutionizing the Process

Cloud Integration Transfer

By working in tandem with the Taymer engineers, the QBuild team was able to scope out and deliver a solution that synchronizes part and BOM records between Onshape and their production system, and at the same time, generate and attach PDF and STEP files directly onto the part record. 

“Without CADLink, [Taymer] would not have been able to utilize Onshape to its full potential,” Says Brendan McGaffey, one of Taymer’s senior mechanical engineers.

“Part of [Taymer’s] release process involves creating and naming PDF and STEP files to match CRM part numbers and link them to their CRM part records. This allows us to quickly create and release document packages to customers or potential prospects. When you have an assembly of hundreds of drawings – hundreds of parts – it’s days of work to export everything and then make sure, when you’re exporting it to ensure the names are all correct.” 

“With CADLink all of this work becomes ten minutes, to review everything. Smaller assemblies can be created and updated in seconds”. 

Brendan McGaffey, Senior Mechanical Engineer

By bridging Onshape with their production system, CADLink was able to minimize manual data entry, ensuring accurate production data and considerably speed up Taymer’s release process.

About QBuild

With over 1500 customers and 60 CAD and ERP partnerships worldwide, QBuild continues to be the leader in CAD to ERP integration software and proud to help manufacturers around the world improve their engineering processes. We are excited to see where our partnership with Onshape will take us.

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