How Megaphase Saved BOM Data Entry Time with CADLink and You Can Too

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Did you know that managing bill of materials (BOM) data entry is more efficient with CAD/ERP integration? Recently, QBuild software helped MegaPhase to reduce time-consuming BOM entry processes by over 80% with CADLink and improve accuracy.

Ready to learn more about the value of implementing CADLink for BOM data entry?

Keep reading as we discuss how CADLink created more efficiency and accuracy for MegaPhase and the benefits of CAD/ERP integration for BOM management.


Why Is Manual BOM Data Entry A Problem?

When managing your manufacturing processes, automation should be your top priority. Here’s how manual data entry processes harm your business operations:


    • Efficiency – Manual BOM data entry is inefficient. Entering the data and validating accuracy takes up valuable time, which could be better allocated elsewhere.
    • Accuracy – Inaccurate BOM data entry can stall manufacturing operations. The likelihood of human error is ever-present with manual BOM data entry processes.
    • Opportunity cost – Spending time on manual data input may take away resources from more strategic and value-adding activities that could improve business growth and development.
    • Employee satisfaction – repetitive and time-consuming data entry processes will make your employees bored and dissatisfied, impacting their mood and productivity levels. Employee retention rates could drop without automation.


How Did MegaPhase Improve Data Accuracy and Save Data Entry Time with CADLink?

Megaphase needed CAD/ERP system integration that was compatible with their existing NetSuite system. Having incorrect BOM information in their ERP system due to manual data entry caused delays in shipments and manufacturing operations. Additionally, they allocated BOM data entry management to highly skilled engineers whose time could be better used elsewhere.

CADLink was recommended by the SOLIDWORKS reseller, which was seamlessly compatible to work with NetSuite. Recognizing the potential benefits, the team decided to leverage integration to free up valuable engineer time to achieve enhanced data integrity.

After installing and configuring the software with the assistance of QBuild’s support team, immediate improvements in BOM data entry become evident. CADLink helped them to ensure data validity and accuracy while reducing time spent on BOM data entry by nearly 50 hours per week.

The software integration provided automation that allowed them to allocate their highly skilled workers more effectively and increase productivity for other, more important processes.


What challenges should be considered when performing manual BOM data entry?

To perform manual BOM data entry effectively, you must address various challenges to ensure accuracy and consistency throughout the process:


    • BOM Structure: Clear understanding of the BOM structure, including parent items, subassemblies, and components, is essential. Organizing and defining each level properly is essential to avoid confusion during data entry.
    • Data Validation: Conduct thorough manual data validation to verify the accuracy and completeness of all entries. It is crucial to ensure that the BOM reflects the correct configuration, accurately representing the intended product.
    • Revision Control: Implementing an effective system for managing BOM revisions and version control is essential. Keeping track of changes and using the latest BOM version for production is critical.
    • Data Entry Consistency: Involving multiple stakeholders in data entry can lead to inconsistencies in naming conventions, units of measure, and formatting. Standardizing the data entry process across teams is key to avoiding discrepancies.

By working with a CAD/ERP Integration specialist such as QBuild, you can effectively address all these concerns and streamline the process through automation.


CAD/ERP integration simplifies various aspects of your business:


    • Unifying Data: Integration brings together disparate systems, resulting in more accessible data and eliminating data silos that cause inaccuracies in your BOM infrastructure.
    • Automation: Through APIs and data mapping, CAD/ERP integration automates BOM creation and updates. This streamlined workflow ensures accurate BOM data transfer across different modules.
    • Collaboration and Sharing: Multiple employees can collaborate on BOM data with ease. The integration allows for easy sharing of information with vendors, suppliers, and subcontractors.
    • Validation Checks: CAD/ERP integration software enables rigorous validity testing for BOM data entry, minimizing the potential for human errors.
    • Improved Traceability: Integration enhances traceability for each BOM change throughout the product lifecycle, optimizing change control processes.
    • Sophisticated Structuring: An integrated CAD/ERP system enables the creation of structured BOM hierarchies, modular designs, and complex product configurations, leading to more agile manufacturing processes.


Opt for Cadlink and Improve Your BOM Processes Significantly

QBuild worked with MegaPhase revolutionizing their BOM data entry processes and achieving efficient human resources allocation. By integrating CADLink for BOM processes, you can better allocate your skilled engineers’ time and create more agile manufacturing procedures.

Throughout the implementation process, QBuild works closely with you to ensure seamless integration and address any challenges you may encounter. Revamp and streamline your BOM data effortlessly with QBuild today.

Not sure about the compatibility with your tools or looking for a specific solution?

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