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N. Wasserstorm & Sons, Inc.

CADLink helps Wasserstorm go from no ERP Integration to full integration

Our organization was moving from essentially a “home grown” ERP system to a full blown integration with Infor Syteline. Engineering data had never been integrated into that system so we were tasked with going from nothing to a critical and pivotal role in the success of our ERP launch. CADLink helped us to do that, and the people we were connected with at QBuild/CADLink helped us create the bridge we needed to connect our CAD data to Syteline. As a custom equipment manufacturer we use an extremely wide array of materials, operations, etc. and we needed to continuously go back to CADLink and ask for customizations and tweaks to how their system could work for us. They were outstanding to work with and quickly took in our feedback to make necessary modifications. Their turnaround of these modifications was extremely quick and they were very flexible as we learned how to build our BOMs in the new environment. Their connectivity with SolidWorks, and specifically SolidWorks PDM is extremely strong and that allowed us to make the systems work for us. QBuild’s CADLink system can be nimble and can morph to any organizations specific needs, and help expedite any organization like ours that was building the bridge as we walked since we had no foundation to copy or spin off from.

Jeff Beech, Vice President of Engineering

Rooted in the food service industry, N. Wasserstrom provides manufacturing and consolidation solutions to targeted markets where you eat, sleep, work, play, shop and gather. Our vertically integrated in-house manufacturing capabilities are strategically located in Ohio, South Carolina, and Arizona providing national coverage while allowing regional logistics and maintaining local service and support. From foodservice design and consulting through installation and warranty support, our turnkey management approach efficiently delivers smart, innovative, and value-driven solutions.


N. Wasserstorm & Sons, Inc.


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