A Step Towards Seamless Operations: Streamlining BOM Data with CADLink

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Recently, CADLink integration was a big success for Granco Clark, addressing drastic inefficiencies in data management. Granco Clark’s success story is a testament to the many ways CADLink integration can help improve data accuracy.

What are the positive impacts of CADLink, and is it your new secret to streamlining BOM data?

Keep reading as we discuss CADLink integration and how it helped to revolutionize and streamline operations at Granco Clark.

Challenges and Solution for BOM Consistency at Granco Clark

In 2012, Granco Clark used SOLIDWORKS and Epicor to manage their BOM data. Unfortunately, managing both CAD and ERP systems has resulted in BOM data inconsistency, leading to errors and outdated information. The disruptions to their operations led to wrong orders and delays in production, ultimately hindering the business’s profits.

Having identified the BOM inconsistencies, they reviewed their operation processes to devise a solution. When evaluating potential solutions, they found it challenging to find software that could handle the complexity of their SOLIDWORKS programs. Eventually, they have chosen CADLink as the best solution that could adequately accommodate their complex weldments and tackle the BOM inconsistency issue.

What Are The Positive Impacts Of CADLink for Granco Clark

CADLink is the perfect solution to adapt to Granco Clark’s BOM engineering processes, accommodating their extensive needs. Here are some of the positive impacts CADLink provided them:

  • Improvements in data consistency and accuracy No more delays in production, incorrect orders, or financial losses caused by data inaccuracy. They could manage BOM data and operation with a single, user-friendly interface, ensuring all information was correct and relevant.
  • Efficient and tailored implementation – it only took Granco Clark two and a half months to implement the software, which is impressive on such a large scale. The implementation process involved integrating CADLink with their existing systems, migrating data, and providing employees with onboarding training to effectively use the software. QBuild also customized CADLink and the Job BOM module for Granco Clark to handle SOLIDWORKS weldments and raw material data.
  • Improved data quality – the implementation of CADLink yielded noticeable improvements in data quality for Epicor. The streamlined BOM data in Epicor resulted in improved customer satisfaction, contributing to a more positive overall outlook.
  • Faster procurement process – streamlined BOM information inevitably leads to a faster procurement process, as the information is more accessible and reliable. In turn, the delivery times were much faster. 

To summarize, Granco Clark experienced improved shop floor operations, enhanced customer service, and eliminated BOM data inconsistencies to elevate their success in the aluminum extrusion industry.

How To Spot BOM Data Inconsistencies In Your Business

If you’re relying on manually managing your BOM data across two or more software, you could be suffering from data inconsistencies. Here are some of the signs that it’s time to reevaluate your BOM data management processes:

  • Production delays – manufacturing and assembly processes rely heavily on accurate BOM data, which is why inconsistencies and errors can quickly halt production.
  • Cost overruns – your BOM educates employees on procurement information. Overorders or incorrect orders can quickly cause you to override your budget.
  • Quality issues – if the wrong components are used in your production line, there could be defective products, harming the company’s reputation and causing customer loss.
  • Supply chain inefficiency – overordering and underordering stock due to inefficient BOM data can quickly impede your operations while wasting valuable storage space and reducing ROI on warehousing investments.

By streamlining BOM data and ensuring all information is updated and available in real-time, you can eliminate these issues, just as Granco Clark was able to.

What Are the Additional Benefits Of Implementing CADLink For BOM Data Management?

In addition to streamlining your BOM data, CADLink can provide the following benefits for your BOM management processes:

  • Streamlining your workflows by unburdening your staff from lengthy manual data entry processes when their time could be better used elsewhere.
  • Improving version control by maintaining consistent BOM versions interdepartmentally. Consistent and updated BOM data prevents data silos from occurring and leading to mistakes in decision-making.
  • Improving insight and decision-making with reliable data and allowing engineers and designers to collaborate more effectively.

Have you considered whether your BOM data management is in need of an upgrade? CADLink can completely revolutionize your processes and eliminate redundancies, data inconsistencies, and manual tasks that eat away at your employees’ valuable time.

Choose CADLink For More Efficient BOM Management

CADLink revamped Granco Clark’s approach to BOM management after they had struggled with production delays and losses due to data inaccuracies. 

QBuild provides the best solution for companies stuck in the mud with manual data entry processes and struggling to keep data consistent across many different departments. If you need seamless CADLink integration, trust  QBuild software for a reliable and expert implementation.

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