Enable Your Engineers to complete their designs without worrying about ERP data.

PartCreator allows your engineers to directly access ERP data from inside CAD. 

Engineers often need to look into the ERP to find specific part information during the design process. This usually results in constant switching back and forth between the ERP system and their CAD software using up valuable time.

QBuild’s PartCreator software lets your engineers look directly into ERP from their CAD software, allowing them to look up and create parts without ever needing to leave their CAD models.


PartCreator is an add-in to any CAD system that allows Engineers to retrieve available part numbers and create new parts in your ERP.

Product Functionality


Generate Part Numbers

PartCreator will automatically generate the next available part number instantly for use in new designs. You can build your own user-defined logic to generate a unique part number.

Simultaneously write the part number back to a mapped CAD property while creating the part in ERP.  This ensures no other Engineers/ERP users consume the same part number. No more maintaining separate lists, tables, or spreadsheets to pick part numbers from. 


Create New Parts in ERP

Save time and increase accuracy by eliminating manual entry into the ERP with PartCreator.

PartCreator eliminates double data entry by leveraging CAD data to create parts in ERP. Automatically set default values or load from templates using custom logic. This allows Engineers to create fully defined parts in the ERP without leaving their design!


Part Lookup

Give Engineers full visibility of ERP Item Masters from inside their CAD system! 

Encourage Part reuse by searching for ERP Item Masters using multiple parameters. Avoid duplicate parts and have Engineers enter clean data into the ERP. View a ERP manufacturing data such as Vendor and Vendor Part Numbers, raw materials, and cost with PartCreator. 

Compatible with CADLink

CADLink CAD ERP Integration

Integrate your ERP data flow from design to production by using PartCreator with CADLink. 

When your CAD model is complete, CADLink compares and shows all the differences between your CAD and ERP data. In CADLink, further define the components with additional required fields for use in your ERP Bill of Materials, Manufacturing Shop Floor, and much more!

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