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Connect CAD to your ERP from Home!

Your engineers live and breathe in their CAD systems.
But they don’t always have access to the ERP system when they’re outside.
Whether it’s while travelling, working from home, or if there’s an emergency update, sometimes you just need to get it done.

Empower your engineers to push CAD Updates into the ERP remotely with CADLink.

Whether you use locally installed CAD like SolidWorks and Inventor, or online modelling systems like Onshape, CADLink can help you integrate with ERP at the click of a button!

CAD to ERP from Home

We aren’t always in the office.

Connect CAD to ERP from Wherever  You Are. 

CADLink lets engineers create Part List and BOM records in ERP that are identical to CAD models with the click of a button.

The direct integration provides your engineers with a way to access and update Engineering Data into ERP from anywhere. Let them focus on designing and connect their updates while increasing accuracy and consistency with CADLink.

QBuild Quality

You know you are getting the right solution when you work with QBuild Software! QBuild has over a decade of experience and expertise in CAD – ERP integration. QBuild was chosen as an integration partner.

ECO Approvals On-The-Go

ECOs can be difficult to track and hard to manage.

ECN Manager helps you stay on top it, every step of the way.

ECN Manager provides your teams with the access and ability to accurately track and manage the Engineering Change Process.

With the ability to access the ECN Manager from anywhere, your team can keep that workflow going, no matter where in the world they are. From creation to approval, your team can create and assign approval workflows, ensuring that the right people are notified of each change.

ecn manager workflow

Anywhere, Anytime

  • Submit a Change
  • Check and complete your Tasks
  • Organize and Assign Approval Workflows
  • Approve/Reject an ECO
  • Attach Notes, Emails, and Files
  • … and more!
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