Eci M1


Directly connected to your ECi M1 ERP, CADLink takes CAD data directly from the on screen drawing or CAD model and pushes it directly to your BOM.

QBuild Software - ECi M1 Partner CAD ERP Integration

ECi M1 software is a cost-effective and flexible ERP that meets the rapidly changing needs of manufacturers. ECi designed this intuitive software solution for growing manufacturers including job shops, custom and mixed-mode manufacturers and make-to-order manufacturers.

M1 offers:

  • Maintaining contact details for customers and suppliers
  • Scheduling production to efficiently make use of resources
  • Managing production jobs through job costing
  • Controlling inventory of raw materials, finished goods and sub-assemblies
  • Analyzing pre- and post-sales activities
  • Ensuring quality and managing warranties

Keeping up with the ever-changing market and competition requires manufacturers to target operating inefficiencies, control job costs and increase product development, while guaranteeing quality assurance and meeting customer needs. Achieve greater productivity in all aspects of your manufacturing business with ECi M1, one of the most comprehensive and affordable manufacturing ERP solutions in the market.

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