Time Sheet

Track your engineering time and get a handle on your real costs

Time Sheet1234

QBuild Corporation has developed a unique Time Sheet application that will help you to track your engineering time and get a handle on your real costs.

The Engineering TimeSheet is a key tool in any engineering manager’s toolchest. It simplifies, stores and rationalizes engineering work data, enabling project leaders, accounting and the engineering manager to understand the engineering costing and key metrics of their department.


Integrated with your ERP package
As with all QBuild’s offering’s the TimeSheet application is designed to fit into your ERP system seamlessly. This ERP link allows you to treat engineering as an actual work center that puts time towards jobs and work orders. The TimeSheet application thus eliminates double and triple data entry and allows the individual in Engineering to record and classify their work.

Understand Engineering CostsTimeSheet2

Is Engineering just overhead? Or is it time that should be booked against a customer order? QBuild’s TimeSheet provides you with the tools to understand where your engineering costs are allowing you to bill Engineering to work orders. Even if you prefer Engineering lumped into overhead, you will have a much better understanding of your engineering costs using our TimeSheet reports. Broken down by discipline (mechanical, electrical, electronic, etc) as well as by actual project, TimeSheet reports will give you the data you need to optimize your department.

Simple Easy to Use InterfaceTimeSheet4

QBuild’s quick, intuitive interface means engineers and designers don’t spend hours agonizing over how to classify and describe their work day. Simple short description fields with checkboxes and dropdowns wherever possible, Timesheet takes only a few minutes each day to provide all the data required for Research tax credits as well as engineering department reports.

Payroll ReportsTimeSheet6

QBuild’s TimeSheet includes payroll reports that can be used as is or tied directly to your payroll system. You may also benefit from overtime controls that ensure any overtime hours are approved before being passed on to your payroll department.

  • Single interface for engineering time management, work order booking and payroll detail
  • Master project list makes booking time very quick and easy
  • Recent projects persist in Designer View, eliminating the need to look for common projects
  • Projects can be tied to work orders in your ERP system
  • Time booked can be towards different discipline work centers – mechanical, electrical, electronic, hydraulic, etc.