Engineering Change Manager


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QBuild’s ECN Manager will automate, simplify and integrate your Engineering Change process with your ERP system to eliminate duplicate data entry and seamlessly integrate your CAD ERP link.


The Engineering Change Order process is another critical information flow process that is often neglected and often just a paper system or a completely separate database. ECN’s and ECO’s, like most information are most valuable, most time saving when they are freely and easily accessilbe. QBuild’s ECO/ECN Manager ties all the Engineering, Manufacturing, ERP loose ends together in one coherent system.

Key Features


ECN List – screen shot


  • Change Request information logged and tied to resulting ECN process
  • Complete Database shows full ECN and optionally ECR history
  • Designer window runs natively within CAD system (SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Pro-E)
  • Change system includes ERP purchase order, work order and inventory information
  • ECN Manager form allows the engineering manager to control ECN approvals and release to purchasing and manufacturing
  • Automatic Distribution keeps the right parties informed
  • ECN2

    BOM Change Details – screen shot


The Engineering Change Manager simplifies engineering changes and combines database information from your ERP system and your AutoCAD/SolidWorks data with Engineering change information for a complete interface, providing all your ECO/ECN needs. Interfacing to Aptean ERP (Made2Manage, Encompix, Intuitive), (Exact MAX, Infor SyteLine/Visual Manufacturing, Microsoft Dynamics ERP (Navision, AX, GP) and Epicor ERP (Vista, Vantange, Epicor 9) databases have already been completed.

Approval/Action Path is followed and Required Tasks Completed

One of the most important benefits of QBuild’s ECN Manager is its flexible Approval Path component. The designer can determine and the engineering manager can modify the path of critical stakeholders who need to approve the ECN. Further, the Approval Path can include a task or action item be completed before or after the ECN is released. Accurate approval and completed actions ensure the ECN will be completed accurately and quickly. This reduces time spent on ECNs and improves productivity as action items are completed and changes are made before parts become scrap.

Eliminate Engineering ERP Clerical Work

With the ECN Manager your engineering team can focus on what they do best: Engineering. Double and triple data entries, photocopying and physical ECN delivery are eliminated and engineering information is entered into an ECN database from your CAD package in one simplified interface. This frees up engineering staff and reduces your engineering costs.

Reduce Data Entry Errors

By unifying the data entry process, the ECN Manager eliminates sources of error in your ECN system. Any BOM changes are automatically documented, eliminating a source of error. Further designers see the list of open orders and inventory quantities as they are making the changes to the drawing. This allows engineering to give disposition recommendations to production leading to fewer parts that are scrapped or shipped late

Improve Distribution

The ECN manager makes it easy to send complete ECN documentation to all the people who can benefit from it. Manual ECNs are very time consuming to either circulate or make copies of to send to all the people who should see it. The ECN Manager will free the information allowing all the relevant people to get the ECN information in a timely manner. Timely ECN distribution with the ECN manager results in fewer mistakes and eliminates the administrative hassle of copying and physically moving the ECNs.

Improve ECN Archiving and Accessibility

ECN Manager liberates your ECN process from paper or patched together database systems. All data is accessible from a single interface from ECN details to old drawing data to who signed off and when. A searchable index of ECNs means no more lost or destroyed ECNs. A database of old drawings means you can look back to previous revisions for reference or to ensure you don’t undo the last ECN!


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