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The ECN Manager is a turnkey system designed to tightly connect your engineering design changes to what you are actually building on the shop floor. It allows engineering designers to create and modify ECNs from within their design software of choice, while they are actually making the changes.


The Engineering Change Manager simplifies engineering changes and combines database information from your ERP system with AutoCAD/SolidWorks data with your Engineering change information for a complete interface, providing all your ECO/ECN needs. Interfacing to Exact MAX, Infor SyteLine/VISUAL Epicor Vista/Vantage, Microsoft Dynamics Navision/AX, Emcompix and Made2manage databases have already been completed. The specification below has been written for SyteLine but applies to all ERPs. Contact us today about other ERP systems.


ECN User Manual

Product Functionality

The Manager is two applications: CADLink ECN Manager and ECN Manager Standalone

CADLink ECN Manager

The CADLink ECN Manager is an integral component of the CADLink Designer program. It is the beginning point of the ECN and contains important critical data for the designer to complete and view such as ECN description, reason, Action List, Distribution List and Parts Disposition Recommendations. The application will pull the information that exists from SyteLine to give the designer real time data for production orders and inventory counts. The CADLink component can optionally require an ECN for any saves to the Database, ensuring your data and your drawings are identical.

The ECN tab will allow the designer to select ECN description, reason, Action List, Distribution List and Parts Disposition Recommendations, etc. Pressing save will initiate the ECN process and send the ECN to the next person on the action path (typically engineering manager or designate).

ECN Manager Standalone

The ECN Manager Standalone program is used by the engineering manager and others to move the ECN towards final approval and release.

Each individual with the ECN Manager Standalone version is optionally able to add to or modify the Action Path and distribution list for the ECN as well as simply accept or reject the ECN. Stakeholders may have to indicate a task has been completed before the ECN proceeds to the next person to approve.

Pressing done will update the ECN and send the ECN to the next person. An email interface will send the final ECN documentation to everyone on the distribution list once the ECN has finally been approved.


The ECN Manager is designed with your future requirements in mind. Engineering Timesheets and Product Configuration can be bolted on at a later date.