CADLink Product Details

The CADLink Interface system allows engineering designers to add, modify and view ERP engineering information such as item master data, bill of material, routing data and effectivity dates.

Product Functionality

The CAD ERP Interface system is a single application with the following functions:

Item Master Management
Bill of Material Management
Routing Management
Effectivity Dates

  • Item Master Management
  • The Item Master contains important tombstone data such as part number, type, description, etc. The application will pull the information that exists in your ERP system and the model to populate the fields of the form. The designer will be able to modify the data on the interface form.

    Pressing ‘Integrate’ will synchronize and update the data in both ERP system and in the CAD drawing/model.

  • Bill of Material Management
  • Bill of material information is taken directly from the assembly model or drawing to populate the fields of the CAD ERP Interface form.The engineer will not be able to add or modify bill of material information without modifying the BOM in your CAD system. Thus in order to add a part, delete a part or change the quantity on the bill of material, that part must be added, deleted or have its quantity changed in SolidWorks first and then saved through the interface.This helps to ensure data integrity between the your CAD system and the ERP system.

    Pressing ‘Integrate’ will update the information in the ERP database with the model information, including quantity, part number, etc.

  • Routing Management
  • CAD ERP Interface optionally provides a simple, convenient interface for adding and modifying ERP routing information. The routing information is pulled from ERP and the designer can make the necessary changes in the interface.

    Pressing ‘Integrate’ updates the ERP system with any changes made by the designer.

  • Effectivity Dates
  • The CAD ERP Interface system can include effectivity date information with the BOM. Using this option, companies can be sure to keep a clear history as well as a future instruction to production on the status of engineering bills of materials.

    CAD ERP with Effectivity Dates ensures that your CAD BOM are never deleted they are only ‘zeroed’ using appropriate effective dates and quantities.

CADLink Product Details